About Us

Diana Baldwin Martinez worked in the Financial Services field creating banking products to serve the needs of clients and affiliates. From Product Management and Product Development, Diana also managed operations and marketing in a myriad of roles ranging from the HR IT Recruiting to Business Development Director for Deposits. She worked extensively in a data-driven environment in direct mail, and built a nearly 100% operational front-end and back-end digital experience for new accounts.

Diana’s experience includes both B2B and B2C channels, with clients such as financial institutions, colleges and universities, educators, motorcyclists and vintage auto enthusiasts, students, as well as doctors, lawyers, nurses, and groups, such as AAA.

In 2008, Diana undertook the building of a product line sold 100% online and via social media, to complement her consulting practice and ensure all clients gain benefit of her first-hand knowledge in an ever-changing environment.

Diana’s team, built over time and vetted by. Working through several projects, shows a strong work ethic and an ability to drive results. Expect a high degree of professionalism, an optimistic attitude, regardless of the challenge, and a team connected to results that have been proven successful without a bias towards one particular marketing method- except for the one that works best for you and your goals.