Extensive marketing experience enables us to provide clients with strategy and the assessment of business opportunities- especially when it comes to whether incorporate new media such as social media (new to some, and not new to others), mobile marketing, or other formerly traditional channels such as direct mail.

We work with businesses venturing into new fields, who want to grow. We’re hired because our clients trust us; we’ll advise of the information you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. By the way, we know that this style and this commitment isn’t a catch-all.  Our client list today knows our commitment to fully partnering with them and to seeing initiatives be incorporated into existing capabilities.

We can provide strategies and implementation for direct mail, social media, email campaigns, digital builds, including website design and development. We provide Social Media consulting, as digital ad-buying for online and offline outlets. Because of your knowledge base, and because of our enthusiasm for social media and new technologies, we’re adept at figuring when it makes sense to use mobile marketing, build an smart-phone application. work with your sales team in their use of social networks and more. We won’t recommend them when they don’t make sense for your business. At the very least, you’ll hear the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision, stay within your budget, and maximize your marketing dollars.

Implementation services for campaigns are also covered, working with our preferred designers or your in-house designers. Social Techs also partners with you to establish appropriate social media operations, providing services when you want to outsource the work so that your team remains focused on their own goals.

From designing or redesigning logos to a full communication plan, we think of ourselves as members of your team. Your success is our success.