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What’s in a Name?

This particular economy is generating a new stream of entrepreneurs, many with years of experience in the corporate world and in circumstances that give them the opportunity to start something they hadn’t done before- their own business.  It’s a frequent scenario, and their name is what carries weight, as it the name (and the person) that is known among their peers, in their market, and the asset that reminds people of their achievements.

But does that mean you should name your business after yourself?

As a marketer, I’d say, “That depends”, and much of what it depends on is the commonality of the name itself.  Here’s what you should consider as you establish your business and your brand, beyond just your “personal brand.”

Verify availability:

  • Google the name.  Who is your competition?
  • Check if your URL is available.
  • Check if there would be any confusion with the name and someone  else using the same one.
  • Is the Twitter handle available?
  • Who has the same name on LinkedIn?
  • What and/or who is on Facebook using that name?

The length of your name has to be considered as well, especially since “space” becomes a limitation in content areas such as Twitter and Facebook, and even in the subject lines of emails. (Yes, I’ve done testing for clients, and this holds true.)

Beyond just your own name:

Even when you have a name and it’s not your own moniker, apply the same tactics.    And whatever you do, avoid the word “monster.”  (Monster Cable is well-known for protecting that word when they feel threatened, and they’ve received much publicity for it- both good and bad.  So much so, they even posted highlights on their own site.cialis online


You’d think this is something that everyone would do, right?  I have seen in the last year people deciding on a business name, incorporating that business in their state, then learning that they are using the same name as a competitor in the same space.  That’s after they’ve set up bank accounts and the internal infrastructure to get started on marketing.  They ultimately face either find a new name, reinvest money, or decide to face the competition online in multiple arenas.  That’s a lot of time and money invested to potentially help the other guy out.

I know this seems commonsense, but I’m writing it because I’ve seen it frequently enough that I’m sharing just a little reminder to those starting out.   Choosing a name is important to most business owners & entrepreneurs.  It’s personal, it’s somewhat emotional, and it’s the concrete beginning to a new venture.  The result, however, should be should be useful to you, and not an impediment.

Shakespeare wrote:  “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet;”

Except that in Shakespeare’s time his product wasn’t LLC’d, Trademarked, given specific URL’s, and SEO’d.